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Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood

The Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood website has so many different resources to access so much information. There are links to websites native news, ANCSA Corporations, language and culture, NAGPRA, and other links. In the other links there are a wide variety of information, ranging from Alaska Federation of Natives to World Eskimo-Indians Olympics. I personally was more interested in the Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood so I read more into dept about what they have done for Alaska Natives and natives around the country. They have fought for so many rights for natives, one of them is was equals rights. They have done a great deal for Alaska Natives and natives a like.

ANB/ANS Grand Camp. (2005) Grand Camp. November 22, 2008. Alaskan Native Brotherhood and Alaskan Native Sisterhood.

The Alaska Native Brotherhood is a , nonprofit organization that was established in the year of 1912. The organization has served Alaska in so many different ways. Some of the the things that ANB-ANS have done is assisting in the development of society, helping preserve the Alaskan Natives culture, and equality rights. The first charter for the Alaska Native Brotherhood was formed in Sitka, Alaska, by a group of people now known today as our Founding Fathers.The Alaska Native Brotherhood and the Alaska Native Sisterhood was organized in 1912 and 1923. They worked tooth and nail to overcome discrimination. They secured the rights to citizenship, to own land, a business, and to vote. Indians paid the required territorial taxes, but were not allowed to attend public schools. Indians were called to military service, but if something happened to them their wives didn't receive widow benefits. Also Indians struggled to get jobs, so that they could take care of their families and send their children to good schools, since they weren't able to attend public school. The ANB and ANS believed, then and now, education is the key to progress, so they continue to work hard to make sure all can receive an education. They even have scholarships to help pay for an education, to those who want to go further in their schooling. The Alaska Native Brotherhood Grand Camp's Arthur Demmert, Sr., Scholarship Program awards scholarships annually to students. The funds derive from contributions at Convention, donations from local camps and earnings from Grand Camp gaming. The amount of funds available for awards varies each year. The average award is $300 per term.

Now here are the names of the Founding Fathers :
Peter Simpson, Sitka.

Ralph Young, Sitka.
Chester Worthington, Wrangell.
James C. Johnson, Klawock.
Paul Liberty, Sitka.
Seward Kunz, Juneau.
Frank Mercer, Juneau.
Frank Price, Sitka.
George Field, Klawock.
Eli Katanook, Angoon.
James Watson, Juneau.
William Hobson, Angoon.
Marie Orson, Klukwan.
Secretary Andrew Wanamaker, Sitka Honorary Founder.

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