Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"On a Mission to Heal"

How does one deal with a loved one committing suicide? Do you go to counseling, talk with a friend, or deal with it yourself? I can definitely say don't just deal with it all on your own. You just might end up in the same position, it does happen. Well one way you can deal with it is by turning to your culture and religion for guidance and strength.

McKinney, D. (November 23, 2008) Tlingit culture gives Franks strength to reach out through her pain. November 25, 2008. On a Mission to Heal.

This article is about a woman named Barbara Franks who had a son, who was only 23 years old, that committed suicide and a husband, who was 49 years old, which passed away two days later from colon cancer, eleven years ago. Her son had shot himself in the head with a Winchester 30-06, which he had received as a birthday present from his father. Barbara had lost half of her family in a total of forty-eight hours. How does one deal with that? Seriously, how? Well Barbara, at first, tried to go to counseling 6 months after she buried her son and husband, but all the counselor did was tell her, “Get over it.” Wonderful words of advice to give to someone that just lost two of their loved ones just a couple of days apart from each other. Needless to say, she never went back. She had begun to drink a lot to numb the pain and grief, but after six months she had had enough. She also had begun to treat herself to breakfast before work instead of drinking after work. She then began talking to people here and there which eventually lead to her speaking in public about suicide prevention and signs, which is how Barbara Franks went through these tragic events. It truly took some time to get where she is today, but she certainly will make a difference by her making suicide a more aware issue.

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