Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eccentric Clothing

Alaska natives put so much effort into their clothing and outer wear, it's amazing! Alaskan Natives use a lot of the animals body parts for their clothing and decoration. They use the pelt, claws, teeth, bones, and even the intestines! The claws, teeth, and bones are mostly used as decoration to make each individual piece of clothing unique. Now, this is very intriging, did you know what the intestines where used for or made into?.... Well the intestines were mostly used as RAIN COATS! How did they ever come up with the idea to use the intestines for any thing, let alone to wear? It baffles me, but obviously it works, the intestine rain coats have been around for some time. Alaskan Native couldn't afford to waste any thing, and they needed as many ways to protect themselves from the harsh Alaskan weather. Also their clothing had designs on them. to symbolize kinship, the more the designs were similar the closer the family relation to one another. Their designs are so eccentric! The designs are so full of color and detail, that the design looks like it could tell a story just by looking and studying the picture. I hope Alaskan Natives never loose their ways of clothes making and decorating, because it truely would be ashame.

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